Share your snack food stories!

UPDATE: This research is now completed, and I am no longer conducting interviews. Thanks to all for sharing your stories! My book, Snacks: A Canadian Food History, is available from University of Manitoba Press.

Nutty Club. © Janis Thiessen, University of Winnipeg,
Nutty Club. © Janis Thiessen, University of Winnipeg,

As part of the research for a book on the history of Canadian snack foods, my research assistants and I are conducting interviews with a variety of interesting people… a food scientist who has done useful work on potato chip browning; a former candy maker at Nutty Club; and a man the Globe and Mail refers to as Dr. Freeze.

But we want to interview many, many more people with a variety of connections to Canadian snack foods.

Have you ever worked at Old Dutch Foods, or Hawkins Cheezies, or Scott-Bathgate, or some other Canadian snack food manufacturer?

Are you a member of a Canadian producer or consumer snack food association?

Are you a food blogger who writes about Canadian snack foods?

Or did you participate in Canadian game shows affiliated with snack food manufacturing?

If so, we want to interview you! Post a comment or send me an email if you’re interested or would like more information. We’d love to hear your stories!

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