Manitoba Food History Project

My latest SSHRC-funded research project is the Manitoba Food History Project. I’m honoured that the Oral History Centre‘s Kimberley Moore and Kent Davies are collaborators on this research. The project’s two key research questions are:

How has food been produced, sold, and consumed in Manitoba?


How has this changed over time?

Interested in learning more? Check out the project’s website,, where you’ll find the Food History Truck, upcoming events, and The Pantry (which holds Story Maps and the project’s podcast series, Preserves).

Manitoba Food History Truck.jpg
The Manitoba Food History Truck. (Photo by Kimberley Moore)

Kim’s Convenience: A Conversation with Ins Choi at the University of Winnipeg

If you love comedy and Canadian immigrant stories, you’ve probably been watching Kim’s Convenience. This great CBC series is based on the award-winning play of the same name by Ins Choi. The play’s script was published by House of Anansi Press; reading it doesn’t do justice to the play, though, as it really comes alive through the interpretation of actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who dramatizes the lead character of Mr. Kim (aka Appa) in the play and now in the TV series.

Kim's Convenience: New episodes Tuesdays
SOURCE: CBC Television.

In March 2014, when the play was being performed at Winnipeg’s Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Ins Choi spoke about his experience to a small audience at the University of Winnipeg.

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